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"Sometimes the winds of change are a hurricane."


- Derek Sivers


I'm glad you're here

Rustic Beach Path
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What has happened to you, matters.


Your story, your experiences, and your grief deserves and demands to be heard. It is inevitable that we all will grieve a loss at some point in our lives and yet, when it comes, we often feel so lost.  


We're here for you. We’d love to hear your story and walk along side you.  


Open yourself to the possibility of peace, healing and joy. Re-align with your power.  

"One day or day one. You decide." - unknown

Calm Sea

Identity Crisis / Feeling Stuck

Sibling with a Disability or Chronic Illness

Terminal Illness

Transitional Periods - Major Life Changes

Caregiver Support

Loss of a Child / Infertility

Loss of a Parent


Looking for something more than what's listed? Grief and change isn't black and white and neither are we.
We can help outside of these lines, get in touch below. We're here for you. 


Hillary is an exceptional coach because she's an exceptional human. Her kind heart and compassionate soul radiate a healing energy that provides a safe space to explore and feel. She is validating, wholehearted, and really gives the gift of her presence. Her mindful approach has helped me meet each moment anew, and cultivate the abundance and gratitude that I sometimes forget are available in every day. Thank you, Hillary!  


- Alyssia S.




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