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Specializing in identity crisis, transitional periods/major life changes and general life changes and challenges. 

There is a common misconception that grieving is reserved for the death of a loved one. But we can experience some level of grief and loss around many of life’s more common moments. 


In recent years, our world has experienced a shake up, in a monumental pandemic. Much of how our lives used to look changed for a prolonged period of time, or permanently. We had very little control in how we moved through the world. Coming out the other side, as we move into our new normal, many people have asked the question ‘who am I?’. Or ‘Who do I want to be?’, or ‘Now what?’. We were forced to pivot and discover new ways of being. 


This is no way exclusive to the 2020 pandemic. That was merely an experience in which almost every person on our planet was impacted and shaken up. But these types of shake ups can occur in much smaller ways and do occur everyday. Small shake ups that force us to question what’s working and what’s not.


What am I carrying that is no longer serving me and what would I like to pick up? 


These questions are big and messy and often very confusing to find your way out of. Are you struggling to find your way out? We all do from time to time. Let us help, often times the solution is easier than you think. 

Transitional Periods

Herbs and Plants
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